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The BFF #DontSettle Summer Birthday Giveaway!

How do you say adiós to what can only be classified as an epic #DontSettle Summer? 

Ginormous Twitter Par-Tae.


Only this last giveaway is a little more symbolic than just offering up free stuff to sell on Ebay. (Please. Just. Don't.) With this contest, I'm marking the end of (a long ass) an era, where I put this project to bed, and dream up another. I'm also kinda into symbolism, which is why this official wrap party is going down on my birthday 🎂 !

So who's on the guest list for this exclusive celebration? Only the most amazing girlfriends will make the cut. The kind who not only support and cheerlead but challenge and push you to be a better person. Because while the major theme of Settling Down IS about not settling for a dude, the greater love story may be the power of friendships and their abilities to change us for the better. 

So I don't think you'll mind if this time around, the prize is something you can share.

With your bestie.

Yup. The lucky winner of the BFF #DontSettle Prize Pack will be seeing double, taking home not one, but two of everything:  An autographed copy of Settling Down, a humorous novel of female empowerment by Dawn Keable, a fierce #DontSettle beach bag and luggage tag (for your own personal journey), and twenty #DontSettle prayer cards (so you can help spread the message).

Also included? A glittery piece of history:  The amazing sterling silver and crystal ring featured on the cover of the book. (Sorry, there's only one of these. But, no judgements if you choose to keep this beauty a secret.)

➡ Contest rules (ugh. Sorry to be the wet blanket.) :

  1. Open to lovelies ages 18+
  2. The world needs love, but this contest is open to US mailing addresses only.
  3. Previous winners of any #DontSettle prize pack must wait (60) sixty days in order to win another prize. Thank you for allowing us to spread the love equally.