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The #DontSettle Summer Hot 🔥 Hot 🔥 Hot 🔥 Giveaway!

Can you feel the heat? The #DontSettle summer is burning up Twitter.

Three prizes. Three winners. Zero creativity.

This time, THREE lucky winners will each score:  An autographed copy of Settling Down, a humorous novel of female empowerment by Dawn Keable, a fierce #DontSettle luggage tag (for your own personal journey), twenty #DontSettle prayer cards (so you can help spread the message) AND a dope piece of jewelry either a tropical set of bangle bracelets, a sterling silver ring OR sterling choker, ('cause 'ya can't feel good, unless 'ya look good.)

Each of the three prize packs, pictured above, will be randomly awarded to three different winners. (So, nope, you can't pick.) It'll all be a great big surprise until you get the mail. Sorta like your heating bill in the winter. But a whole lot more fun.

➡ Contest rules (ugh. Sorry to be the wet blanket.) :

  1. Open to lovelies ages 18+
  2. The world needs love, but this contest is open to US mailing addresses only.
  3. Previous winners of any #DontSettle prize pack must wait (60) sixty days in order to win another prize. Thank you for allowing us to spread the love equally.