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Guest Post: Twenty Answers

I asked. You answered. 

Well, one person did. I'm not sure what's up with the rest of you.

Meet my friend Merry from the great land of Oz. (That's Australia. Not Wizard of.) She's got spunk, and a shared love of books, New York City and Lenny Kravitz. What else could you possibly need in a friendship spawned on Twitter?

From her outstandingly beautiful balcony-garden in Perth, she's brought her international perspective. Interesting stuff, especially the fact that apparently Alex and Ani haven't reached global domination. 


Read on...

  1. Why do airline rates change ever 3.4 seconds?  A: Same reason banks get away with so much.
  2. Why is the Bachelor still on the air?  A:  Never watched it <pride>. 
  3. And related: Why are the Bachelors ALWAYS white?  A: Well, we know one who isn't.
  4. Why is there so much salt added to ALL processed foods?  A:  Because it would taste like crap otherwise.
  5. What's the appeal of cats? Or CATS for that matter?  A: Uh-oh! Agree to disgree? I love cats :-). Never seen CATS.
  6. Why do women of a certain age give into the hairstyle fondly known as the 'senior afro'?  A: Well, I haven't! The worth of a person shouldn't be measured by their age. It's society's fault.
  7. Why is high school pumped as the best of times?  A: I can debunk that ridiculous myth comprehensively right now.
  8. Why do the people who need counseling the most, never get it?  A: The world we live in...<sigh>. We're a throw-away society, and not just material things. And no matter what anyone says these days, stigmas still stick.
  9. Why are so many Americans hating on immigrants, while eating pizza?  A: Ironic, since many Americans either are immigrants or have immigrant roots. Through ignorance, they feel threatened by something, therefore irrationally hate it (a la KKK)?
  10. Why are we acting like the social structure of families has no impact on education?  A: No experience with "family", but strong role models are critical and they've been dwindling alarmingly over the last 30 years.
  11. Where do babies come from? (Just checking if you're still with me.)  A:  Still here :-)
  12. Why do talented artists like, say Lenny Kravitz and Jose James, have to go to Europe to sell out shows?  A: So did Jimi Hendrix. Fed too much superficial crap, which has totally negated appreciation of the finer things in life?
  13. What is the fascination with Alex and Ani bangles?  A: Had to look that one up. They look very...heavy. I prefer my silver chains.
  14. How does gay marriage negatively impact you? No. Really.  A: It doesn't. Gay marriage has no more impact, negative or otherwise, on anyone else than conventional marriage. 'Tis the same.
  15. Why are people that are the most religious often the least holy?  A: It's rare for human beings not to be hypocritical, but misguided beliefs make for a dangerous playground.
  16. Why did the Patriots let Wes Welker go?  A: Sports. Blech! <sorry>.
  17. Why do Americans NEVER DRESS UP?  A: Well, according to all the media, they do...oh, of course, they're "celebrities". There are actually regular folks living in the U.S. as well, then? Maybe due to the effort required to survive, they just don't have the strength or inclination to compete.
  18. Where does the weight go when you lose it?  A: Burn, baby, burn.
  19. Why do some people assume your life experience is exactly like theirs?  A: Self-interest is a funny thing. Being of an "older" generation, it saddens me just how much young people expect and take for granted now. I don't know whether to be insanely envious, pity their lack of individuality and character or, horror, be happy for them.
  20. What are you wondering about? Go on. Comment below.  A: What made you decide on these particular questions? Are there more?

The final answer:  Well, sometimes, my dear mate, a crazy week will sneak up on a girl. And rather than ruin a perfectly good streak of weeks of consecutive posts--holla 89 weeks and counting--desperate, I mean, creative measures are taken. This post? Really the equivalent doing a 25 page research paper the day before it is due. 

And yes, oh, yes, there are always more questions.

And usually more questions than answers.

Thank you for playing!