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Twenty Questions

  1. Why do airline rates change ever 3.4 seconds?
  2. Why is the Bachelor still on the air?
  3. And related: Why are the Bachelors ALWAYS white?
  4. Why is there so much salt added to ALL processed foods?
  5. What's the appeal of cats? Or CATS for that matter?
  6. Why do women of a certain age give into the hairstyle fondly known as the 'senior afro'?
  7. Why is high school pumped as the best of times?
  8. Why do the people who need counseling the most, never get it?
  9. Why are so many Americans hating on immigrants, while eating pizza?
  10. Why are we acting like the social structure of families has no impact on education?
  11. Where do babies come from? (Just checking if you're still with me.)
  12. Why do talented artists like, say Lenny Kravitz and Jose James, have to go to Europe to sell out shows?
  13. What is the fascination with Alex and Ani bangles?
  14. How does gay marriage negatively impact you? No. Really.
  15. Why are people that are the most religious often the least holy?
  16. Why did the Patriots let Wes Welker go?
  17. Why do Americans NEVER DRESS UP?
  18. Where does the weight go when you lose it?
  19. Why do some people assume your life experience is exactly like theirs?
  20. What are you wondering about? Go on. Comment below.