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Craigslist Translated: A Public Service

Why do you need a writer?

To most effectively communicate your message to a target audience, of course. 

In, what surely BEGS to be only the first in a repeating series,  I've decided to take my mad editing skills, free of charge, to an occasional (Wackadoo) Craigslist ad, putting the before and after on my blog, you know, as the most public of services. (And to prove once and for all, just because you can type, does not mean that you can write.)

First up, this beaut:

Travel Writer (East Coast, Carribean, onward)

Talented travel writer, blogger, photographer needed to journal yacht adventure of couple's adventure and struggles and fun as they move instantly from modest beginnings to instant great wealth. Up to year long trip will be from east coast through the Caribbean onward (ending up who nows where) and include adventure on new luxury yacht-Mochi Dolphin 74 named Sussurus. Right person person will love the sea, enjoy snorkeling, jet skiing, island hiking, etc. One hour of yacht housekeeping duties required daily and occasional light meal making. Please send resume/cv, cover letter, link to writing sample(s), picture of self, and any questions along with salary requirements, also if you would be bringing a friend or companion. Onboard Accommodations and meals will be provided. I/we will make agreeable arrangements to meet you prior to trip to insure compatibility for everyone. I'm (37 years old) and expect deliver of yacht early May and hope to leave approx. May 15, 2013.

Clearly, at the very minimum, the author is in great need of a proofreader. Spelling. Punctuation. Grammar. Whew. What offense hasn't been committed? (And really? You've come into great wealth, are in need of a ghostwriter to inhabit your personal space for a year--and you're starting your hunt on Craigslist?)  The only thing I know for sure is writing just ain't your thang. In fact, I'd argue that what you said, isn't what you mean.

So I reworked it for you. Ta-DA!

Travel Whore (East Coast)

Desperate, starving, naive artist-type needed for frequent threesome on high seas. Right person will love the feel of the sea on their skin, enjoy snorkeling in their birthday suit, jet skiing in the buff and island hiking au natural. One hour of housekeeping duties daily include cleaning of the pipes. Please send picture of self, as well as that of your identical buxom twin. Onboard master suite accommodations provided. I'm 37. You should be half that. By the way: There's no yacht.

You're welcome.