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What ARE you, RICH?

For some bizarro reason, people often times think I'm rolling in the dough.

(I'm not. See last week's post.)

I suppose I should take it as a compliment. Because truthfully, it just really annoys me on too many levels to count. The short answer is what I lack in cash, I make up with my outstanding bargain hunting abilities, also known as the exact same research skills I've honed as a writer. I use them to buy quality things that, apparently, are making me appear rich.

Case in point: This lambskin leather travel bag. Classic black. I will have it forever. If you see me at the airport in another thirty years, I will literally be carrying this baby-- provided, of course, I can still sling twenty pounds over my shoulder.

How much would you pay for it? Hint: It retailed originally at Land's End for $299.


The bag started off on their mark-down site at $179. I snatched it up once it got slashed an additional 50 percent to $89. The day that I purchased it, there was a 30 percent off coupon, which also included free shipping. So my $299 bag went into my shopping cart at $60.

Impressive. I guess. But I wasn't quite done.

We charge just about everything, paying the bills in full every month, in order to rack up those retail points, without paying any interest. As a result, I had a $50 Land's End gift certificate free and clear. And once I applied that sucker, my $299 bag cost me a whopping, drum roll please, $10.

So no, I'm not rich.

Just smart.