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Giving Thanks: The 2012 Edition

What I'm grateful for this Thanksgiving, in no particular order...

1. Being a roadie on my warrior friend's Fuck Cancer Tour 2012. The power of Virgos will always prevail.

2. My fellow writing spirit, who across an ocean, has encouraged and inspired me more than any local peeps.

3. My fierce Twitter Lenny Lovin' ladies. You are beautiful.

4. My Twin.

5. The freelance lay-offs that brought me back to my book.

6. P90X-2. Round 3. Holla!

7. Colonoscopy one. Done. See ya in five years.

8. Seeing the difference you've made in someone's life--and as an added bonus, hearing their appreciation.

9. You. For reading this.

10. That guy. The one who has accepted me and encouraged me. Who has challenged me and inspired me. The one who I went out with the first time TWENTY YEARS ago tomorrow. Together, we are magic.