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All 'bout the Learning Curve


This website made my brain hurt.

The progression went a little like this:

Monday:  Casual perusing of the host site, looking for the cut and past feature for dummies. Ensuing mental breakdown timed perfectly to the rising temperature in my home office. Hysterical dinner with husband, with conversation punctuated frequently with sobbing phrase, "But I'm not a web prograaaaaaaaamer." Desperate late night e-mail fired to local design firm, requesting info, to salvage sanity (and possibly marriage).

Tuesday:  Refreshed. Ready to take on the world. Husband's reply to "I'm a smart woman. I can do this" is "at least see how much a professional would charge." Hel-lo motivation! Spend hour objectively looking at site, thinking 'I can do this'. Get e-mail from design company saying are booked through fall. Laugh at blatant message from universe. Of course I can do this. Spend rest of day resizing photos. #$#$%$#$%#! Clearly still not in control of situation. Feel that may never be in control of situation. Find another designer to contact.

Wednesday:  Rested. Try again. Sucker for punishment. Grew up with the mantra 'can't means won't'. Thanks Dad. Plus e-mail to designer is not even in my outbox. And then something funny happened. Things started to make sense. Granted, my learning curve wasn't quite up to the same speed as talents that I've honed through years of practice, like sniffing out bargains or making the perfect iced coffee. But with painfully slow baby steps, by Friday afternoon, I had a finished product.

Yay for me, right? Indeed. But I was so close to giving up.

So, this got me thinking about the last time that I tried to do some real heavy learning. Um, butchering of the Spanish language on Rosetta Stone. 2008? Not exactly a success. But I'm ready to go back and give it another shot. Because for me, this website, amigos, is only the beginning.